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Symbian SIS File dumping utility
* Useful for analysis of potential malware without actual installation of files.
Used in analysis of Symbian Cabir Worm)
* Provides information on:
    - Header ( UIDs,Version, Number of Languages, Number of Files)
    - File list ( Destination name by default, Source filename and file type)

* Extracts one file or range of files from SIS package.
Sample Output from : -e OPLProcedureUtilities.sis
Uid1: 0x9090084 Uid2: 0x1000006d Uid3: 0x10000419  Uid4: 0x35eaa342
SIS CRC: 0x1a01
Number of Languages: 1
        |-American English
Number of Files: 13
Number of Dependencies: 0
Installed Language: 0
Last Installed File: 0
Installed Drive:
Installer Version: 100 (0x64)

------- |
Type: App       Version: 0.60.0

Install Name: OPL Procedure Table Utilities

Component Name
|-OPL Procedure Table Utilities

    1 (S)|-heurprocs.opo
         |-Type: Simple File
    2 (S)|-ProcTableHeur.opo
         |-Type: Simple File
    3 (S)|-ProcTableEdit.opo
         |-Type: Simple File
    4 (S)|-OPLprocdump.opo
         |-Type: Simple File
DumpSIS - Symbian SIS File Dumper
Copyright 2003-2005 Jimmy Shah  All rights reserved.

Usage: [-oetsd #] filename


    -d  # is number of file in package to dump to disk
        A range can also be specified. (e.g. -d 2-12)
    -x  Dump all files
    -o  Overwrite existing file with dumped file
    -e  Display extended information
    -t  Display file type information
    -s  Display source filenames

    No options dumps only header and file list.
Download from Sourceforge Version: 0.94 is licensed under the GNU Public License