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Hash based malware scanner.

SISscan calculates the MD5 and SHA1 hashes for each file within a SIS file and compares them against its lists to positively identify malicious files. Double check the integrity of suspicious SIS files.

SISscan can help in detecting SIS files corrupted by file infectors such as the Lasco.a Windows/Symbian worm.

SisScan - Scan SIS File for malware ver. 0.4
Copyright 2005 Jimmy Shah All rights reserved.

Usage: filename

Command Line: camtimer.sis
Output:         SymbOS.Skulls.B
camtimer.rsc         SymbOS.Skulls.B           SymbOS.Cabir.B
caribe.rsc           SymbOS.Cabir
flo.mdl              SymbOS.Cabir


Virus Submission

We are constantly on the lookout for new viruses and other suspicious files. You can help us keep viruses and other malware of your phones.

Feel free to send any that you come across to our Mobile Virus Analyst(MobileVirusGuy) at

Please send all files as password protected .ZIP files. Instructions on Setting a .ZIP password.